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The following update only applies to books with “Version 1.1” in the front, published before the August of 2012.

UPDATE! I found a mistake in chapter 4. The only place I did not site a verse and did not look it up, and I did not remember the info correctly, so I was wrong about Moses melting the gold and making the people drink it. That did happen, but not in the context which I site, it was the golden calf that was melted and drank.

Here is the UPDATED paragraph to replace the incorrect one:

The prosperity preachers like to talk about how wealthy the Israelites were when they left Egypt. They left with much of its wealth. What they fail to tell you is that God later asked them to give that wealth for the construction of the Tabernacle and the Ark of the Covenant. Even though they did not have to give it all, what good did the gold do them in the desert? They could not buy food or even clothing, so God had to provide them with manna and make their garments not wear out. It is clear that God did not give the Israelites the wealth of Egypt so they could live in luxury, but so they could give it to God, which did not include giving it directly to priests. The priests did not become wealthy. 


Some people say, “It works for me.” No, it does not work for you; just look around. You think the only people living in nice homes and driving nice cars are those who send money to preachers on TV? The atheists have good paying jobs, the Mormons are some of the most prosperous people in the U.S.; they own multimillion-dollar companies and live in big homes. But YOU think you are prospering because you send money to a preacher on TV! You are being tricked and lied to!! You think you are prospering because you help your pastor drive a Cadillac; but you are WRONG! The “Church of Christ” denomination members drive Cadillacs, the Buddhists have high paying jobs!  Stop believing the lies! 

Unlike other writers on this subject, the author once believed the Prosperity Gospel, but after twenty years of financial struggle and frequent unemployment God called him to research the Prosperity Gospel. What he found proves the Prosperity Gospel is totally false, and a horrible sin, and calls for a Reformation of the Charismatic Movement.

Other books on this subject take a theological point of view, but the prosperity teachers failure is in not properly interpreting the Scriptures; so he analyzes every verse they use to teach the Prosperity Gospel, and gives the correct interpretation. As a result of properly interpreting the Scriptures, this book totally destroys the Prosperity Gospel.

Fortner says all Christians have been deceived by wealth, not just Charismatics, the result is spiritual lukewarmness. The Scriptures show that Biblical prosperity is having all your needs met, or not being in want, but the American definition is having lots of stuff. He also says that many pastors, especially the mega-church pastors, earn too much money, while Jesus taught that his future ministers should live without high incomes or material wealth.

This book says most preachers on Christian TV today, the Bible refers to as almost true yet false prophets because they are leading people away from the truth. This book further discusses the most well-known Word-of-Faith doctrines and shows the correct doctrines from the Scriptures. But he is not against all Pentecostal / Charismatic doctrines, but takes a balanced approach because he grew attending an old fashioned Pentecostal church. 

He believes Christianity in America today is the church of Laodicea, and so God has already started to refine us as gold; which means suffering the fire of judgment. In the final chapter he details the economic and natural disasters that have come upon America in the last few years and that it is the judgment of God upon us. He says the judgment will likely get worse until we repent, resulting in another Great Awakening in America.

The author was called into the ministry at age 20, but because he is not an eloquent speaker he chose to spend his adult life doing in-depth study of the Scriptures. He has a B.A. in journalism with a minor in history, and is a skilled researcher, with God-given ability to figure things out. He is also the author of “The Truth About United Flight 93” showing that the conspiracy theories about the crash are false.

Read the first four chapters and the last chapter at the links below:

Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Deceived by Wealth

Chapter 2 – Spirituality and Riches

Chapter 3 – The Way of Balaam

Chapter 4 – Using Proper Context and Interpretation

Chapter 5 – No Wisdom Here …

Chapter 6 – The New Covenant Priesthood …

Chapter 7 – Rich and Poor Christians …

Chapter 8 – Supernatural Signs or Strange Fire …

Chapter 9 – The Almost True Yet False Prophet …

Chapter 10 – Holy Laughter and Strange Manifestations …

Chapter 11 – Strange Charismatic Doctrines …

Chapter 12 – Prophetic Voices Crying in the Wilderness …

Chapter 13 – The Judgment of God and Revival

Conclusion …

Bibliography …

You can read the introduction and first two chapters at the links at the top of this page, below the banner image.

Michael Fortner makes an invaluable contribution by showing that such commonly heard claims as that believing in Jesus will make you rich are totally mistaken.” Robert S. McElvaine, author of Grand Theft Jesus: The Hijacking of Religion in America

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Read sample chapters here:

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